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Floral Cake Boxes with Window-(1 KG) 10 Pack

Floral Cake Boxes with Window-(1 KG) 10 Pack

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Unleash your inner baking artist with these charming floral cake boxes! Featuring a beautiful and eye-catching floral print, these boxes are perfect for showcasing your delectable creations to friends, family, or potential clients.

Sized for Every Cake:

We offer a range of sizes (8"x8"x5" and 10"x10"x5") to ensure you have the perfect fit for all your cakes, from cupcakes to layer cakes.

Window for Enticing Visibility:

The integrated window allows your masterpiece to take center stage! Customers can admire your cake's design and decoration without needing to open the box, keeping your creation fresh and protected.

Bulk Pack for Convenience:

This pack includes 10 high-quality cake boxes, offering excellent value and convenience for bakeries, home bakers, or catering businesses.

Minimum- 10 boxes in 1 Pack


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