Spiral Flower Cake Dessert Mousse Cake French Mousse Mould(8 Cavity)

Spiral Flower Cake Dessert Mousse Cake French Mousse Mould(8 Cavity)



  • High quality silicone baking mould: 100% food grade silicone rubber dessert mould, 3-D Connected Spiral Flower-shaped mousse cake mould,no bisphenol A, no chemical coating. TOP white silicone mold and top soft Mousse mold. These silicone mousse moulds are tasteless, practical and durable. Use these SILICONE BAKING moulds to make your children and family healthier and more delicate.
  • Soft and non-stick silicone mold: The silicone dessert mold is on the non-stick surface and has strong flexibility. It is easy to release and clean as long as it is popped out with the tightened finger, but it will release better after cooling for 10 minutes. These SILICONE BAKING moulds will not break or break like the classic hard plastic mousse cake moulds. The range of heat resistance of these SILICONE BAKING dies is -76_to 446.
  • Silicone dessert mold packaging includes: 1 pcx8 cavity silicone resin mold core, dessert mold overall size: 300x180x40mm
  • Multifunctional Silicone Dessert Moulds: These SILICONE BAKING moulds can be used for Mousse moulds, cake moulds, ice cream moulds, truffle moulds, ice stick moulds, semi-red moulds, bread moulds, pudding moulds, food moulds, silicone moulds, dessert moulds, etc.

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Size: Connected Spiral Flower Mould Use these silica gel dessert moulds to elevate your baking to a new level! What you can get is: _1pc * 8 cavity three-dimensional silicone dessert die; Size of Silicone Rubber Mould: 300x180x40mm Characteristics of Silica Dessert Mould: 1. High Quality Silicone Baking Mould,no bisphenol A, 100% pure, food grade silicone, 3D hot mousse cake moulds, top white and top soft silicone resin moulds for baking. 2. Wide range of heat resistance – 76 to 446 Silicone Dessert Mold 3. Flexible Silicone Rubber Mouss Mould With durability, the mousse cake mold is flexible enough to fold for easy storage, but over time keeps its shape. 4. Non-sticky surface, easy to loosen Silicone mousse moulds are characterized by non-sticky surfaces that simply pop up your baked food and push it at the bottom. 5. Multifunctional Silicone Dessert Mould Silicone moulds for baking can be used for Mousse moulds, cake moulds, ice cream mousse cake moulds, pudding moulds, baking moulds, dessert moulds, truffle moulds, food moulds, etc. 6. Quick and easy to clean Silicone mousse moulds are washed with hot water or dishwasher. 7. Safe use Silicone dessert moulds are safe for use in ovens, microwave ovens, refrigerators and dishwashers. 8. Enjoy your DIY food Silicone baking die can be baked 8 times at a time.