Magiculata Sugarpaste Red (One Kg)

Magiculata Sugarpaste Red (One Kg)



  • 100% Edible
  • Vegan, No Animal derived ingredients
  • Alcohol Free
  • Oil Soluble
  • Color- Red
  • Fat Free, Gluten under 20 PPM
  • Pack -1 kg

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Magiculata Sugarpaste is specifically designed for professional sugarcraft lovers with a great taste!


EC/FDA Approved
- Kosher Parve
- Vegetarian, Vegan
- Fat free, Gluten free, GMO free
- Soft,smooth and pliable
- 1kg tubs
- Wide colour spectrum
- Long shelf life
How To Use:
Knead the sugarpaste for 3-5 minutes to activate its ingredients before rolling.
 You can either drape a cake or use panelling method for tall tiers.