Magic Colours Supa Whipp – Whipping Cream Powder Pack of 6 colors

Magic Colours Supa Whipp – Whipping Cream Powder Pack of 6 colors


  • Package contains 6 different shades of Icing or gel Color pack
  • Vegetarian, FSSAI licensed.
  • Very strong pigment. Require relatively small quantity of colour.
  • Manufactured by Montek Sugarcraft Ltd, India
  • Long shelf life – 4 years from date of manufacture (Latest batch of stock)

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Professional High Concentration Food Colour for Cake Decoration. The magic colours Supa Whipp РWhipping Cream Colours range is phenomenal with Whipping Cream Icings, Cr̬mes and Frostings. Manufactured from pure pigments which means you require relatively small quantity of colour to reach the desired shade of paste.

How to use- .Add a pinch of Supa Whipp Powder for vibrant shades in Fondant,Buttercream,Ganache,Whipp Cream and more.

Important Tip- Just 1 gm of color is required for 250 ml cream to get instant bright color(espcially Red & black).If desired add another 0.25 grms of colour after whipping. The colour will keep deepening with time. However it can be used for frosting and coating immediately and the colour will deepen even after the cake is ready.

This Magic Powder can be used for making beautiful edible lace
SupaWhipp Red gives beautiful colour for making Red Velvet cakes
Note-The colour does not affect the consistency or taste of the medium.