Magic Colours – Metallic Airbrush Colour – Silver – 55ml

Magic Colours – Metallic Airbrush Colour – Silver – 55ml


  • Package contains 55ml of Magic Colors Metallic Airbrush Paint.
  • 100% edible, Vegetarian, Vegan, Nut Free, FSSAI licensed, Kosher.
  • Very strong and concentrated pigment. A little goes a long way – require relatively small quantity of colour.
  • The airbrush colours have a smooth consistency and will flow through the airbrush without clogging the nozzle. Alternatively these colours can be applied with a brush or a sponge – use various types of brush strokes or sponge techniques to achieve different results.

  • These colours also work great with royal icing or any frosting.
  • Magic Colours are fast drying and easy to clean with water or alcohol.

  • Manufactured by Montek Sugarcraft Ltd, India.

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Magic Metallic Airbrush Colours give a brilliant metallic sheen and have great smooth consistency with no particles hovering around. Fast drying and easy to clean with just hot water or alcohol. Single coat application for 100% coverage. These colours can be airbrushed on fondant, gumpaste, whipped cream, buttercream, marzipan, modelling paste , modelling chocolate, wafer paper and more. They are glycerine free hence work great with royal icing or any other frosting. These airbrush colours are highly concentrated , a few drops are enough to achieve the desired results.

Magic Colors now in India! Concentrated edible metallic airbrush food colour for cake decorations. Specifically for airbrushing and painting cake decorations.

They can be used on a variety of materials like Fondant / Sugarpaste, Gumpaste, Marzipan, Chocolates, Macaroons and more.

How to use-Add a few drops of the desired colour to the airbrush gun and without diluting you are ready to airbrush on any medium.

Important Tip-

  • Metallic Airbrush Colours contain alcohol meant only to facilitate airbrushing. Once airbrushed , after drying, alcohol is not consumed . The alcohol content evaporates during and after airbrushing.
  • However the airbrush compressor should have a minimum pressure of 25 PSI and nozzle of 0.4mm