Magic Colours – Metallic Airbrush Colour – Pearl White – 55ml

Magic Colours – Metallic Airbrush Colour – Pearl White – 55ml


  • Package contains 55ml of Magic Colors Metallic Airbrush Paint.
  • 100% edible, Vegetarian, Vegan, Nut Free, FSSAI licensed, Kosher.
  • Very strong and concentrated pigment. A little goes a long way – require relatively small quantity of colour.
  • The airbrush colours have a smooth consistency and will flow through the airbrush without clogging the nozzle. Alternatively these colours can be applied with a brush or a sponge – use various types of brush strokes or sponge techniques to achieve different results.

  • These colours also work great with royal icing or any frosting.

  • Magic Colours are fast drying and easy to clean with water or alcohol.

  • Manufactured by Montek Sugarcraft Ltd, India.
  • Long shelf life – Expiry in August 2021

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Magic Colors now in India! Concentrated edible metallic airbrush food colour for cake decorations. Specifically for airbrushing and painting cake decorations.

They can be used on a variety of materials like Fondant / Sugarpaste, Gumpaste, Marzipan, Chocolates, Macaroons and more.

How to use-Add a few drops of the desired colour to the airbrush gun and without diluting you are ready to airbrush on any medium.

Important Tip-

  • Metallic Airbrush Colours contain alcohol meant only to facilitate airbrushing. Once airbrushed , after drying, alcohol is not consumed . The alcohol content evaporates during and after airbrushing.
  • However the airbrush compressor should have a minimum pressure of 25 PSI and nozzle of 0.4mm